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The natural alternative to the bubble wrap

activaWrap® Papierverpackung Produkt - Glas sicher verpackt
activaWrap® Struktur im Vergleich zu Luftpolsterfolie

Perfectly ver Wrapping

activaWrap® is the environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap.The honeycomb 3D structure interlocks during wrapping and guarantees the same product protection of fragile objects during transport as a plastic bubble wrap or bubble wrap. The material is made of 100% die-cut kraft paper, making it a particularly environmentally friendly and innovative packaging solution. activaWrap® is ideal as protective packaging for all fragile objects.In contrast to bubble wrap, a product packed with activaWrap® immediately acquires a higher-quality appearance. This makes it ideal for packaging glassware, ceramics, jewelry and cosmetics.Adapt the packaging to your product:activaWrap® is also available in neutral white, red and black. This will make each of your packages an eye-catcher.

environmentally friendly flexible secure

Versatile applicability: activaWrap® is an extremely flexible packaging solution suitable for a wide range of products. Whether it’s fragile items, bulky goods or sensitive electronics, activaWrap® provides reliable protection for a wide variety of contents.Customization: Our activaWrap® is available in different thicknesses and sizes, so it can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of your packaging tasks. This adaptability ensures customized protection for each shipment.Excellent shock protection: Thanks to its cushioning properties, activaWrap® absorbs shocks and vibrations during transport. Your products will arrive at their destination safe and sound.Space-saving storage: activaWrap® is lightweight and flexible, allowing efficient storage. It takes up less space compared to other packaging materials, saving storage space.Environmentally friendly: Our activaWrap® products are often made from recycled material and can be recycled after use. This helps reduce waste and promote sustainability.Easy processing: The flexible structure of activaWrap® allows effortless adaptation to the shapes of your products. It is easy to cut, fold and shape for perfect protection.Time and cost savings: activaWrap® saves you time and money because it can be wrapped around products easily and quickly. This speeds up the packaging process and reduces labor costs.Professional presentation: In addition to protecting your products, activaWrap® gives them a professional and high-quality presentation. It leaves a positive impression on your customers and strengthens your brand image.Minimization of packaging material: The efficient use of activaWrap® reduces the need for additional packaging material, which in turn reduces waste and costs.These features set activaWrap® apart as an outstanding packaging solution that combines protection, adaptability, sustainability and efficiency.


activaWrap® Flasche Wein sicher eingepackt in activaWrap® Material

Pull the activaWrap® apart and place the object to be padded on the material.

activaWrap® Flasche Wein sicher eingepackt in activaWrap® Material

Stretch the wrapping material so that the honeycomb structure of the paper stands up vertically. Wrap the object to be padded while maintaining this tension.

activaWrap® Flasche Wein sicher eingepackt in activaWrap® Material

Tear off the paper after a few wraps. It independently holds the shape and protects your object from external force.



Gewicht 15 kg
Bedienung manuell 
Breite (mm) 533
Tiefe (mm) 312
Höhe (mm) 283 
Farbe Hellgrau


Gewicht 23 kg
Stromverbrauch 100-230 V
Breite (mm) 730
Tiefe (mm) 420
Höhe (mm) 350
Farbe Hellgrau

activaWrap® Material

activaWrap® Material

Product data





395, 500

100, 250

70, 90

natural, white, red, black

Kartonschredder KS5000
activaWrap® Farbe weiss
activaWrap® Farbe rotbraun
activaWrap® Farbe schwarz

Silk paper

Seidenpapier auf Abroller für Polstermaterial auf activaTec® AW8000

Product data









Paper Mailing bags

Product data

Dimensions (mm)

Material outside

Padding material

Weight (g)


225 x 169 / 340 x 225 / 355 x 405



24 / 49 / 87


Papierversandtasche mit Polstermaterial aus activaWrap® – 100% Papier
Papierversandtasche Rückseite gefüllt mit Polstermaterial aus activaWrap® – 100% Papier